Wrote to you
Wrote to you

Wrote to you


We need to take time for each other. We don't do that.

We're expecting each other to understand careless words thrown to the sea. They don't float and can't swim, the water's cold and a storm's nearing, the light house lamp is going dark forever and the sharks are hungry. We know that when we throw them out there.

Grasping whatever washes back up on shore and giggling is not communicating.

It's not your fault I do it too. We work hard hoping it's going to be better. If we look it's obviously not working but we don't look.

Right here and now I'm admitting that it isn't working. It's not clever but it's honest. I want you to look at yourself too. We need to do this together. We both need to change. Giving our words life-vests and saying "Good Luck!" is foolish. Let's not be foolish with our love anymore.

(a questionable scrap of paper with ink, watercolors and sweat!)
(emotional sweat, there's no sweat on the paper)

Now it's $64.99, if it hasn't sold by the time I send out the newsletter it will go to $14.99.

(This scribble is a hand drawn one of a kind piece of art and if once you hold it in your hand realize life is short and that there is very little to hold onto and you wish you were holding something else, send it back to me and I'll give you a refund.)