Building a World

I'm Sam Brown the artist behind explodingdog which started back in 2000. For a short while I was kinda internet famous; I'm internet normal now.
Find me and my art at,, instagram.

Contact us at

This my store for my art and I mostly run it myself.*
We ship orders on the days after the newsletter goes out, otherwise we ship once or twice a week, usually on Tuesdays.

Packing slips don't include prices on them.

We ship as Internationally as we can. You will be responsible for any taxes, custom fees your country requires.

If your order arrives and you don't think it's great or it's damaged or the person you share your space with is crying because you replaced their mall painting we can do exchanges, replacements or refunds.

Any questions, problems or solutions contact us at If we can, we will reply in less than twenty four hours with useful information. If you have an order number include it. Your packing slip will have a customer service phone number on it, right now it's forwarding to my personal phone. Feel free to call but I might be in the middle of eating a sandwich.

*Building a World was once a bigger operation with books we published, tshirts and employees but it stopped making sense. I was not able to focus. Like I was eating too many appetizers to enjoy the meal. I do refer to "us" and "we" on this page because I sometimes have help and who knows what the future holds. I might be eating at a different restaurant.