Frequently Asked Questions




Why should I buy a print?

To make your walls look better. To make your friends envious. To give as a gift. Because you like Explodingdog and want to support it.


What if I can't find the drawing I want?

You can use this page to order a print of almost any Explodingdog drawing. 

Also double check using the search at the bottom of every page.


Do you guys know what you are doing?

Yes we do. We have been doing this for over ten years and have sold thousands of prints. Elizabeth has worked in a museum for years and is trained in framing and art preservation. Many of our sales are to repeat customers and we hope you will want to make more than one purchase.


What kind of prints are these? 

Unless noted, all prints are fine art inkjet prints done with archival inks on archival paper. All are printed from the original high resolution files. 


Do these prints look good?

Yes, we work hard to make them look nice.


I have bought prints in the past and if I order a new one will it be the same size?

Yes, if it is square and if it was one of the three standard sizes we offer, but if you ordered before 2009 or if it is a rectangular print, check with us first. Check out out print page.


Is there any way to get a sold out limited edition print?

No, once a print run is sold out there are no more available.


Can I commission a one of a kind drawings for myself?

Yes, this is possible, but it depends on Sam's schedule. Commissioned drawings start at $500, please email info@buildingaworld.com for more information.


Can I hire Sam to do a drawing, illustration or something similar for my company or commercial project?

Maybe, email info@buildingaworld.com about your project and we can talk.


Can I get Sam to do a drawing for my project for free?

Probably not. Unless you have a really good proposal and a really good selling point. Sam wishes he could spend more time working on collaborative projects with no compensation, but unless someone starts handing him bags of money and bundles of time it is not possible.



How do you ship your items?

Unframed prints ship via USPS Priority Mail and Framed prints ship via FedEx ground.

More info on our Shipping Page.


Can you ship a framed print outside the USA?

If you are in Canada, maybe. Everywhere else, no. We would love to ship framed prints everywhere, but the cost and the risk of damage in transit is too great.

We have shipped framed prints to Canada, but it is expensive. If you are in Canada and are interested in a framed print, contact us and we can estimate the cost. 


F.A.Q. Questions

What if I have another question?

You should email us! Info@buildingaworld.com During the week we try to answer all questions within 24 hours.


I live in the USA and I read all the way to the bottom, do I get a something?

You do! put in the code "free-shipping" to get free shipping on any order in the USA! But do it before I change my mind.